About Us


From a small-scale company in 1985, Wahseng has a 100,000 square foot warehouse and seven stores. In recent years, Wahseng has developed warehousing business and distribution centers, covering major areas in the city. Today, Wahseng is one of the major tire distributors in Hong Kong and Macau. With rapid product delivery and after-sales service, it supports retailers and maintenance service centers to meet increasing market demand and the increasingly competitive retail market.

Business Scope

Wahseng Far East Co., Ltd. is committed to introducing different products to bring more choices to consumers. At present, Wahseng Far East has represented many brands and sizes, covering 90% of the private and commercial vehicle tire sizes in the Hong Kong market, providing consumers with a stable supply. In addition, we also represent many well-known automobile batteries, as well as private car oils, so that consumers can have multiple choices.


Wahseng Far East Co., Ltd. will invest more resources in Hong Kong to open more retail outlets in the future, and will actively introduce more different products and promote the promotional activities of various manufacturers.

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